The MS Multisystem is a versatile product suitable for both primary and secondary demolition. This attachment consists of a main structure, the machine body, to which it is possible to  mount different types of jaws transforming the Multisystem into a dedicated attachment: demolition of structures, reduction and fragmentation of material up to the cutting of ferrous materials.


( 1 ) Hydraulic rotation

The sturdy rotation allows accurate positioning of the attachment in any working environment and in complete safety due to the presence of a double-row thrust bearing.

( 2 ) Powerful

Thanks to the two powerful cylinders this attachment releases an enormous force to the tips, while the forged piston rod assures high reliability.

( 3 ) Speed Valve

The high performance of the cylinders is guaranteed by the presence of a speed valve.

( 4 ) Interchangeable jaws kit

Depending on the work that has to be carried out it is possible to apply the most suitable jaw kit needed. To facilitate the replacement of the jaw there is a particular bushing system that keeps the two parts together.